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    More and more users are discovering the numerous benefits of owning an ARGO

  • View Centaur Range engineered to be a reliable partner in the toughest conditions imaginable... View Centaur Range
  • View hydratrek Range the most economic solution when extreme, reliable and versatile off-road performance is required... View hydratrek Range
  • View Argo Range wheteher it be on the job or leisure more and more users are discovering the numerous benefits of owning an ARGO... View Argo Range


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ARGO All Terrain Solutions is proud to offer a full range of ARGO, CENTAUR and HYDRATREK vehicles. These serious terrain and amphibious vehicles are sold worldwide and have a proven record as highly stable and capable off-road vehicles in some of the world’s most remote regions. More and more commercial users like spray contractors, utility companies, natural resources, drilling companies, mining companies and public sectors, rely on the Argo, Centaur and Hydratrek machines in the toughest of off-road conditions. 

Compare; Safety, Durability, Carrying Capacity, Traction, Reliability and Stability!

argo-with-canopyOther ATV's or UTV's, just don't see the harsh conditions that these unique machines do! The 6x6 or 8x8 Argo's are extremely safe to operate, partly due to the Argo's inherent stability created by a wide track and low centre of gravity. Driver and passengers protection is paramount as all are seated inside the vehicle and protected from the elements; dished out in serious off-road conditions.

Argo All Terrain Solutions have been promptly delivering vehicles, parts, service and operator training, across the Australian continent for over 30 years, and now cover parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands. Are you looking for a reliable ATV for sale? The full range of Argo models are available through a network of quality ARGO dealers covering the Australian continent! Check also our used ATV section. Argo All Terrain Solutions' spare parts supply is as reliable as the Argo itself.

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