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Frontier 650 8X8

ENQUIRE $21,287 including GST

The legend lives on. The approachable Frontier Series continues to be ARGO’s price-leader amphibious six- and eight-wheelers. With a 23HP V-Twin Carbed Fan Cooled engine, the Frontier 650 gives you the extra power, versatility and fun you’d expect from an ARGO — all at a value that’s second to none. Now take your love for the great outdoors and go explore new places off the grid.

 DISCLAIMER:  Photo is sample only. Skid-Plate NOT included


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    High performance 4-cycle, Twin cylinder, OHV, low-vibration engines deliver clean, dependable power for your Frontier in all seasons. Available 18HP-26HP Twin Cylinder Fan Cooled Engines. 

    The Classic transmission operates like a mechanical skid steer that gives it incredible maneuverability. Our least complex design, in order to provide vehicle steering, braking force is applied directly to the output of the appropriate side of the transmission based on the operator steering input. In both high and low range, the Classic Transmission provides a zero-radius turns to get you in and around extreme terrain. Available in Classic High Torque or Standard. 

    Steel Offset Rims with low-pressure 24” tyres are custom engineered with a paddle design for amphibious propulsion through water and optimized traction on the most extreme off-road terrain. 


  • Engine: V-Twin
  • Price: $21,287
  • Horsepower: 747cc- Carby 23HP
  • Cooling: Fan Cooled
  • Brakes: Mechanical
  • Steering: Hydraulic
  • Transmission: Classic
  • Water Propulsion: Yes
  • Load Capacity - On Land: (376 Kg)
  • Load Capacity - On Water: (331 Kg)
  • Seating Capacity - On Land: 6
  • Seating Capacity - On Water: 4
  • Fuel Capacity: 27 Litres
  • Speed - On Land: 22 Mph (35 Km/h)
  • Speed - On Water: 3 Mph (5 Km/h)
  • Vehicle Weight: 554 Kg
  • Tires: Argo At189 24 X10-8
  • Ground Pressure Tires: 1.7 Psi (13.5 Kpa)
  • Ground Pressure Multi Purpose Tracks: 0.67 Psi (4.6 Kpa)
  • Ground Clearance - Tires: 10.5 in (267 Mm)
  • Length: 102 in (2,591 Mm)
  • Width: 58 in (1,473 Mm)
  • Height: 52.5 in (1,334 Mm)



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